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Tina’s challenged us to go on a treasure hunt and I really had to hunt for some of these photos, not remembering where they were. There are a variety of subjects that qualify as treasure. You can find them on her site. Here are my entries in the following categories:

Dog/portrait combo (extra points)…

© janet m. webb


© janet m. webb

This week, Debbie’s word for One Word Sunday is “tasty.” In this case it could be last week’s word, “fish/y” or even “sushi.”  I don’t do raw fish, but this diner seems quite content.

copyright janet m. webb

It’s Saturday and thus time for Six Word Saturday, hosted by Debbie at Travel With Intent.  She also hosts One Word Sunday, whose theme tomorrow is “Fish” or “Fishy.”   While searching for an entry for either or both, I found a photo that works for both.  However, I’ll only use it for Six Word Saturday, playing off a line from a Paul Simon song, “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover” (which is also six words, but not as much fun, at least in my mind.)  Some of these fish appear to be a bit coy and there’s definitely something fishy about the photo as well as that “koi” in the title, so make of all that what you will and have a happy Saturday!

copyright janet m. webb

Oddball with eyeballs. Something’s definitely fishy here!  Looks like a pretty serious conversation.  No one’s keeping a stiff upper lip, but there are certainly some stiff lower ones.

© janet m. webb 2016

Now that things have dried out, I can once again walk around the small lake near our house.  I ventured down towards the lake for a closer shot of some geese and spotted this poor guy on the shore.  He’s definitely seen better days!  But he’s also perfect for the oddball challenge.  IMG_1757


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