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Let’s fly back to Flagstaff again this week where perhaps we can escape our week of temperatures in the 90’s (Fahrenheit, of course.) Besides the doors we’ve already seen in previous posts, this mural hides a few more, two in fact. Let’s look a little closer.

It’s easy to get distracted by the mural, sort of like not seeing the forest for the trees.

But what an amazing forest! Very appropriate for the side of a theater/theater, don’t you think?

for Thursday Doors 4.8.21

It’s been some time since I share doors from my trip to Flagstaff so I’ll get back to them today. I have two that are blue which brings to mind the old song “Love is Blue” which we probably all believe is a Paul Mauriat song (yes, he did sing it) but was actually written and performed first by Marty Robbins. Fun fact for today. I’m sure you remember the first verse:

Blue, blue, my doors are blue. Blue are the doors I’m sharing with you. Grey, grey, the sky was grey. But happy my heart for a nice trip away.

You might remember that Lisa and I met and had coffee at Late for the Train Coffee shop. After chatting for some time, we walked around the picturesque downtown and soon it was lunch time. Lisa recommended a Thai restaurant, which made me very happy as I hadn’t had Thai food, good or bad, since leaving Naperville. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the restuarant (Lisa, if you read this, please share it in your comment), but my food, Pad See Ew, was delicious! I love rice noodles and the tofu was done just right. Still more doors to share in upcoming posts but for today, that’s it.

Just FYI, today Frank at Beach Walk Reflections has a post about bones, featuring my photos. Drop by, getting your think spurred by his reflections, and see some bones. Tell him I sent you. 🙂

for Thursday Doors 3.11.21

These days you can legally get high in far too many places as far as I’m concerned. But I loved getting high with these doors in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona on Monday while meeting Lisa from Micro of the Macro. We had coffee at Late for the Train (trains are a big thing in Flagstaff, Dan), a tasty lunch at a Thai restaurant, and then browsed a variety of shops. I even got to see snow, although it was on the ground and it didn’t actually snow again until the next day when I wasn’t there. 😦

This door was in an interesting clothing store. Notice the driver? You can “bearly” see him. When that gas pump was in use, I bet prices were a lot lower than they are now. I remember gas wars when prices were down to $.25/gallon and even when I had my VW, $.50/gallon was common. If you feel like complaining about the prices now, however, try buying gas in Europe and the price is per liter!

This was the view from the coffee shop and the reason why we weren’t drinking outside. We were socially distanced, however, both from each other and from others.

The upper door does have a balcony, but I’d suggest still taking care. It’s not that big. 🙂

for Thursday Doors 2.18.21