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I love winter, but I also love being warm.  I love nice things, but I  also love not paying ridiculous prices for them.  For some years, I’d lusted after flannel-lined jeans.  Just thinking of the warmth of that flannel, flannel that turns away cold and wind while still giving me the comfort of jeans, made me happy.  But the $50 to almost $100 prices chilled me to the bone quicker than any sub-zero wind chill.

Then one memorable day at Eddie Bauer, I spied with my little eyes a pair of red plaid flannel-lined jeans ON THE SALE RACK!  I checked the the size, then headed for the dressing room.  They were tight, but jeans stretch, right?  And besides, that keeps me honest.  So I grabbed a second pair in the same size and went home, happy as a woman in flannel jeans in winter.

Now when I head out the door on a cold winter morning, I don’t reach for sweat pants, I grab those jeans.  If it’s really cold and windy, there might be a pair of Cuddle Duds underneath.  But either way, those jeans are a few of my favorite things.

OK, it’s your turn.  What can’t you live without in winter?  It doesn’t have to be clothing and I guess wine could count, too, but chime in and let’s make this fun.