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The DuPage River was well above flood stage by the time the rain stopped Friday. Saturday morning I headed for the park immediately after getting up, having the crazy idea that I might, possibly, be able to get onto the back path to check on the wildflowers.  This sign usually stands on a post on the bank of the river, well above the water, and the opening for the water flow through the dam is well under all the rubbish.


Today’s theme is “Liquid.”  We’ve been getting lots of that recently in the form of rain, rain, and more rain, although this shot of a flooded parking lot was taken some years ago.  I know some of you have seen it and a few have written a 100-word story about it when it was a prompt for Friday Fictioneers.  But it’s still one of my favorite photos and, I think, just right for today’s challenge.

© janet m. webb

In contrast, I offer a macro photo which has been the most popular post on my site in all these years and one I love as well.  Enjoy!

© janet m. webb

Debbie at Travel with Intent fills our weekends with wordy and not so wordy challenges. On Saturday, we get six whole words, but on Sunday, we’re restricted to just one word…and she chooses that word. 🙂 Today that word is “Devastation.”  These are remnants of flooding at the local park several years ago.

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The third Monday of the month means it’s time for the black-and-white phase of the Phoneography Challenge, any photo taken with an iThingy or phone. This photo was used last week as the prompt for our flash fiction challenge, Friday Fictioneers, (my story here), but it’s one of my favorite photos, so I’m going to offer it as this week’s entry for the Phoneography Challenge. It’s also in complete contrast to my entry for the latest Weekly Photo Challenge, something else to consider if you enjoy photography. So many venues, so little time.

If you like writing flash fiction, consider joining the Fictioneers each Wednesday as we write 100 words based on a photo prompt such as this one. Otherwise, just enjoy the photo taken with my iPad and unedited. Feel free to comment or give me useful criticism. It’s always appreciated.

Earlier this year, Naperville experienced some severe flooding which fortunately didn’t impact us or our rental house.  The river running through downtown turned the river walk area into a torrent that overflowed its banks and decimated the basements of the riverside businesses.  There was so much rain that even the parking lot of one of the grocery stores, lower than the surrounding streets, turned into a shallow lake in which empty carts languished, giving it a distinctly lonely appearance which I hope this photo captured.


All shopped out

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Before I get to the photos of Thursday’s flooding, the answer to the question of “What in the heck is that bubbly stuff?” in yesterday’s post is…..(drum roll, please)….partially mixed batter, with almond milk coming around the edges.  Anne’s daughter and Scott were the closest.  Congratulations!!
If I’d posted this picture, it would have been easier to guess, but not as much fun.

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Now on to the flooding. On Thursday, torrential rain drenched the Chicago area, including Naperville which, with a river running through it, has suffered from the 6″ of rain.

Here are some pictures of downtown Naperville. (more…)