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I was excited to see that the Lens-Artists challenge theme would be announced the prior week…until I saw that Patti’s theme was “Focus on the Subject.” OK. Maybe it didn’t matter that I knew in advance. 🙂 I felt marginally better when Tina said she had to ask Patti the direction she planned to go. Me? I figure as long as I can be on-topic (even if not Patti’s emphasis), I should be good to go.

“Focus” can be a noun or a verb. If you don’t literally focus (v.) on your subject, you might get something like I got here, the focus (n.) on everything other than the bird I wanted you to see.

Of course, you might also find that complete lack of focus (accidental) gives an impression that works, such as “speed” here.

The entire shot might be your focus and in focus…

…or your focus might be just what’s in front of you. Anything more would distract and cause the focus not to be on your subject. Let’s all say together, “Bokeh.”

So…if you focus (v.) on your subject, it will bee the thing that enables others to focus (v.) on your focus (n.), causing the flowering of a beautiful relationship. Ha! How could I resists when my focus (n.) is always on making a trip here as delightful an experience as possible? If it works that gives me a buzz! 🙂 Happy Saturday!

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Today I’m being wild and crazy, participating in two challenges at once:  Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge and Debbie’s One Word Sunday.  I wanted to call this post “Square Oddball”, but that would be two words, hence just “Square/s.”

This is the view you get when taking an iPhone photo of two of the five bucks having a meal just outside the screened cabin window in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains.  The phone won’t focus past the screen as would my Nikon here, but it does create an oddball photo with plenty of squares.

(Sorry about the two different fonts.  It doesn’t show up that way in the original and won’t change when I try to edit it to all be the same. )

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While scrolling around my (recent) files for a photo, I came across this one and decided it was perfect for today’s Black and White Challenge.  I like two things about it in particular.  1) It’s naturally B&W so, except for cropping and framing, it’s au natural  and 2) the focus makes it unexpected.  Of course, the next photo in my file is of the duck on focus, but today we’ll focus on the unexpected.  🙂  In this case, it gave me a very peaceful feeling.

P.S.  Just realized that the Black and White Challenge has a theme…and this doesn’t fit it.  So it’s just my black and white shot for the day.  Guess staying up until 1:30 am to watch the end of a hockey game that went to almost the end of three overtimes made my brain a little slow.  🙂  But enjoy the photo just for itself and have a great day.


Just as changing focus in photography creates very different pictures, changing your focus in life can create a very different life. Change your focus periodically.  If you normally see only the short-term, try looking long-term (or the opposite.)
If you notice only things or people near you, change your focus to those you don’t normally see or try to understand a perspective that’s different from yours.  As Fleetwood Mac once sang, “You’ll see things in a different way.”



Tomorrow we’ll be doing a whirlwind, one-day trip to Yellowstone, so I’ll be doing nothing online at all.  But I’ll certainly respond as soon as I can and I always value and enjoy your comments on this or any other post.  And I imagine I’ll have some pictures to share, too.  🙂

What’s clear depends on where you’re focused.
Where’s your focus?