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for One Word Sunday

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for Six Word Saturday

A few days ago, my morning walk was other-worldly as I walked in a literal fog. If you look in the very bottom of the river, you’ll see the shape and shadow of a lone heron surrounded by geese. The fog lent an air of Impressionism to the shot.

I’m glad it was sunny this morning for our ride, but now that the fog is moving in, let’s take a walk down to the lake. Everything is so different in the fog.

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This is the First Lake (caps because that’s how it’s known.)  There are three lakes total and all are stocked with trout.  Oh, over there! Did you see that one jump?  It was a big one.  There’s been a mother moose and baby in the lake in the mornings, but if we see them, we’ll stay well away.  The calf might find us interesting, which would make the mother very nervous and a nervous moose can easily become an attacking moose, moving at a speed as fast as that of a running horse.

Let’s sit on that flat rock for a bit.  With the fog, it’s even quieter than usual, the fog dampens sounds, but we can still hear the water sounds.   There are some ducks in the corner and the other day I spotted a red-tailed hawk.  In the early evenings, the horses make their way to the lake, drinking and walking in and around it.


(Obviously I didn’t make it clear when I started posts about my Wyoming trip that I’ve already been there and am now back home, writing these as though you’re coming along with me.  🙂 So thanks for the wishes for a great trip.  I had one and now I hope you’ll have one, too. )

Just as hobbits have second breakfasts, I have a second home, one I’ve been coming to for over 40 years.  Arriving at the cabin feels like coming home.  But just as at home, I must have supplies.  We’ll need to make several stops in Sheridan before I take you up the mountain.

First comes the library.  Stocking up on books is key when the nearest library is 45 minutes away.  Next, groceries.  Although I brought several boxes of supplies/necessities, I have to get the rest of what I need for my recipes.  Have everything you need?  Let’s head up the mountain.

The unpaved, generally unimproved road is the Red Grade Road. Yeah, it’s quite rough this year with lots of loose rock.  Fifteen miles per hour is about the limit, up or down.  (This is what makes meal planning vital!) The van doesn’t have four-wheel drive, but it goes up pretty well. We’re over 7,000′ now.  And here’s the cabin.  Let’s haul all the bags and boxes in, have some dinner, and sit on the porch enjoying the view.

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View from the porch


Our plan was to take a last-morning, long hike.  But with about 12+ hours of pouring rain, the conditions, although sunny, were less than stellar.  On the trail, any non-mucky surface would be slick rock and every tree or bush a dosing of water waiting to happy.  oI’ve been horseback riding in those conditions and a heavy-duty slicker is a must if you don’t want to send up soaked and shivering.  We didn’t have slickers, so after a leisurely early morning, we packed up and started to leave.

I say “started” because the beauty we saw that morning made me say/yell “Pull over whenever you can” at almost every turnout.  The clouds were hanging low, new snow dusted peaks, and the air was crisp.  What a farewell to a most gorgeous place!

© janet m. webb 2017


Time to take a quick break from making granola to check for the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt…and it isn’t there.  Okay then.  Back to tea and granola and periodic checking.

Okay, it’s up, but not in the regular spot and no pingbacks right now.  But I’ll forge ahead.  “Ambience” always makes me laugh because one day I used the word while teaching a high school Bible study.  When I asked if everyone knew what it meant, one boy blurted out, “The store for lovers.”  In that area, there was an “adult” store selling sexy lingerie and so on, named Ambiance with the tagline, “The Store For Lovers”.  Now I smile inside if not out every time I hear it.

Ambience, or ambiance, is the special atmosphere or mood of a particular environment, the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc.  I think this shot captures the ambience of being out on a beautifully foggy day, wrapped in mist and mystery.

© janet m. webb 2012

“Why is summer mist romantic and autumn mist just sad?”
             ~Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle

I don’t know if autumn mist is actually sad, but I know I was thrilled to witness another beautiful misty summer morning in the park last week.  “Nature” is the theme for  Sally’s challenge this first Monday of the month.  I send this to you from the mountains of Wyoming where I’m enjoying quite a lot of nature, although I should add that this shot isn’t from Wyoming, but from “my” park in Illinois.


“I don’t ask for the meaning
of the song of a bird
or the rising of the sun on a misty morning.
There they are
and they are beautiful.”
Pete Hamill