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Besides going to church and then to work, Sunday is a chance to participate in Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge.  I used Lomo-ish from Picasa on today’s kitchen/food oddball.

Happy Sunday!

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…or anyone else.

To my delight Cee’s brought back the Oddball Photo Challenge. So I’m switching “Silent Sunday” to “Silent Saturday” so I can be part of it.  Very, very early Monday morning, I’ll be aboard a Southwest Airlines flight to Arizona for my yearly visit to see my parents. I love spending time with them and I also plan to enjoy the 60 and 70 degree temperatures while I’m there.   I know I just had a blogging break over Christmas, but I can barely keep up with everyone’s blogs and entries when I’m at home, where I have an internet connection, let alone at my parents’ who don’t.  Besides, I only see them once a year usually, so they and what we do deserve my undivided attention.  But it won’t be long and I’ll be back.  In the meantime, enjoy what each day holds for you.

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When baking, I never know who or what will appear.  But I keep my camera nearby for occasions just such as this one.  As I’ve said so often before, oddball photo ops are everywhere, even in the liquid portion of my recipe.


Going local

Posted: June 21, 2014 in Food, Photos
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After a long, cold winter, the farmer’s markets are finally open.  Spoiled by a city where the market near us was open for all but about two weeks a year (albeit on a much smaller scale in winter), I’ve been waiting for this moment since last fall.  However one of the problems with a once-a-week market is getting through the end of the week when I’ve used up all my purchases.  Fortunately, there’s a small market on Wednesday afternoons in the parking lot of a nearby church to supplement the much larger Saturday morning market at the railroad station.

I didn’t need much, but I’ve been craving the ambiance, the colors, the freshness…the summertime-ness…of the market, so it was a joy to immerse myself in it on a lovely Saturday morning.  Come with me and you can enjoy it as well (and you won’t spend a thing!)

photo 1(63)

photo 1(64)

photo 2(64)

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After the drive from Naperville to Champaign/Urbana, Illinois, relaxing tea and friend time and some errands, we were ready for lunch.  Lunch happened in a small Vietnamese restaurant–Xinh Xinh Cafe.  (If you want to look at the menu, I’ve included the rather long link at the end of the post so as not to clog up the post for those who aren’t interested.) (more…)