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My Monday walk this week took me through a lot of mud in search of wildflowers.  There were thousands of them (wildflowers, not mud, although there was a lot of that, too) waiting for the sunshine to warm the earth a bit more before bursting briefly into bloom.  I tramped through the mud in search of anything else, when suddenly I discovered this patch of wildflowers in full bloom.  I’ll be going back as soon as possible to check on the progress of the other flowers.  Despite the lack of flowers, it was a soul-soothing two hours.

I have no idea what these flowers are and I haven’t had any luck finding them online.  If any of you know what they are (Judy?), please share!  Trying to identify by online photos isn’t easy!

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

I’ve been promising you wildflowers and wildflowers I shall give you.  Tuesday morning I spent a blissful, damp, and muddy two hours on the back trails of my park.  I didn’t see any wildlife other than various birds, but the flowers were still out in profusion, more so where there was shade.  These shots were all taken with my iPhone 5s.  If I misidentified any of these, someone let me know.  🙂


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