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I see lots of morning trees as that’s not only my preferred time of day to be out but also because I always wake up early.

Some cooling blue in downtown Naperville. The fountain looks much like a dandelion and is a place where moms and children enjoy congregating. Don’t you love those sunglasses?

Not only is it Easter, but it’s Oddball Photo time.  In NE Illinois, the temperature is certainly spring-y, moving up and down day by day.  Early in the year, we took advantage of a nice day to go for a walk along the DuPage River and in one of the downtown parks, spotted this fountain, garbed for winter but waiting for spring.  I’m not sure how soon it will be active, but I imagine the water just waiting to bubble up with joy when that moment arrives.  We’ll be feeling the same!


What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry
William Blake