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A few weeks ago, a neighbor a few houses away had a table on the sidewalk with sacks of lemons on it and signs saying “Free.” I grabbed a couple bags, piled them in an attractive bowl, grabbed my phone, and looked for a place with good light. The leaves were attractive, the lemons tart and delicious.

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Playing with editing again at the start of this new year. Winter looks different in the Southwest…and feels different, too. Yesterday I was sitting on our back patio reading and basking in the sun. Of course it’s in the mid-thirties when I get up in the morning, but it’s generally managed to edge into the mid-sixties or higher by mid-afternoon. Since I can’t have snow, I guess I’ll take it. 🙂

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Low-hanging fruit is a bird magnet, although they flew away when I arrived.

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On Wednesdays (couldn’t we go back to Fridays??), timing is everything.  The Photo Challenge goes live (usually) at 11 am CST here in the Chicago area, so by 10:55, I’m usually sitting with my laptop, ready to start looking for photos.  But wait!!  What if my laundry is ready to come out at that time?  I don’t want it sitting in the machine getting wrinkled but I don’t have time to hang it up.  I have to be photo hunting!!  🙂  Hopefully this week the comments and pingbacks will work right away.  Anyone else having trouble getting posts to load in the Reader?

Today, everything is under control.  The laundry just went in, I have my opening paragraph written, I have a half-priced cappuccino for National Cappuccino Day, and I’m ready.  So here we go…

Today’s theme is…drum roll, please…”Temporary.” While there are all sorts of choices for this, my mind is on food and these wild French raspberries were very temporary indeed, but oh, so good!

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My last half day in sunny, warm Arizona.  This evening, Sunday, it’s back to whatever Midwest winter weather the Chicago area has to offer.  Vitamin C is especially good in winter to help keep away those colds, so here’s some I found near the Goodwill store just the other day.  Mind you, I’d wash them both before peeling.  Cee, it you’re willing to link me once more, I’ll also send you a bag of virtual lemons picked fresh from a nearby tree.  Thanks!  Here’s the link for the Oddball Challenge.

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Oddball or eyeball?  My photo this week might make you wonder.  Do you know what the “eyeball” is?  This delicious photo was taken at a Blackhawks’ hockey game, when we were fortunate enough to be invited to a box where food was provided.  The food was a great perk, but I was there for the game!!  I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I enjoyed the game.