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This is me after trying to figure out how to free up space on my Google Drive (or whatever) so that I don’t have to buy more space.  My photos are supposed to be syncing up in High Resolution rather than Original, giving me unlimited storage.  But they seem to refuse to do so.  Naturally, I find this out about 45 minutes before having to go to work and again after coming home when wanting to go to bed.  Hence the “photo.”  🙂

Happy Monday!

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Last night, in an attempt to figure out a problem importing photos from my iPhone to my (non-Apple) laptop, I spent a lot of time waiting, first for one tech support guy, then to be connected with a supervisor (who never showed up.)  At the same time, my husband and I were also searching the Web for information on the problem and finding no answers.  Eventually, I finally found the answer purely by chance, disconnected, then realized I still had a post to put out for today.  Here’s a photo from my day at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha on Sunday that illustrates how my evening went.  I hasten to add that Apple tech support is unlikely to be the only one that gives this effect and the effect isn’t limited to computer support but to “support” from many businesses.