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A few days ago on my walk, I spotted this tree trying to be invisible and doing rather well.  I zoomed in a bit closer and found that one fungus amongus wasn’t quite like the others. But each had a delicate bit of frost, at least until the sun crept up higher.

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© janet m. webb

Finally, fundamentally fabulous, fantastic French forest fungus.  Fun!  🙂

Yes, alliteration has struck again.  If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you know that where I go in France, I’m deep in the Vosges forest.  This is where we walk the dogs each day.

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Although we love to hunt for (edible) mushrooms, much of what we find is, although fun to see, not edible and might even be poisonous.  Despite not being edible, fungi can be eye-catching, as I think you can tell from these photos.


I was just getting into my walk when out of the corner of my eye, I saw an alien space ship. I didn’t see it landing, but I saw where it had attached itself to a bit of native flora. Not sure where the aliens had gone. I suspect they were hiding.

Hmmm, almost forgot. I’m supposed to nominate someone. Let’s see.  Sandra, are you interested?  If so, please jump right in.  If not, you should visit her blog anyway.  Not only does she take photos, she’s an amazing writer.

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