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I’m happy Becky’s back doing squares! I’ve missed that challenge. I have two photos as squares for todays’s walk but the other refused to go into a square without losing its fuzziness. Who was I to quibble?

Squares first.

Walking squares 11.25.22

Some weeks ago when Lisa came down from Flagstaff to visit and we wandered in the Preserve, the cottonwoods (or something) had evidently been oversharing, as in several places fuzziness had overtaken everything in the vicinity.

There’s a bit of fuzziness in our lives right now (Sunday as I write this) because my dad passed away tonight, following Mom’s death in early February. It’s been a tough year. One of my sisters-in-law has a very serious form of lymphoma as well, so needless to say 2022 will not go down as one of the best years of our lives. However, my parents both had long, wonderful lives (92 and 93 when they passed) and we know they’re in heaven where my dad is probably taking a horseback ride while my mom throws the javelin, something she did at a Senior Olympic record-setting level while still alive. ❤

There may not be actual kangaroos roaming the streets of Redondo Beach but evidently there were at some time because they left some of their paws behind. The tubular stalks resemble the kangaroo paws they’re named after, although in a very different color. Let’s look closer, using the approach Resa, the talented designer at Graffiti Lux Art & More takes when sharing street art: moving from near to far.

I didn’t touch to see whether or not they’re as fuzzy as they look. Living in Arizona has made me a little careful about that! Maybe next visit. 🙂

Fuzzy Friday

Posted: September 3, 2021 in Nature
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