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Many of you will be happy to know that the tiny house yard in Redondo Beach featured some new structures when we strolled by with Ryland and fortified with coffee and goodies from Sweet Wheat. The door of this first one seems rather small compared to the rocks making up the house. Anyone else flashing on the Rock Monster on Galaxy Quest???

Here you get three doors (including the one for the mailbox) as well as a fairy.

It’s key to note that the music store could use a good cleaning. I think we’re all in a-cord about that, aren’t we? 🙂 You also get a bonus tiny, tiny door in the background! More tiny doors over the next few weeks.

Dan’s serving up leftovers at his place today. They’re always tasty so be sure to visit and bring your appetite for doors!

“Shine” is the theme for the photo challenge this week.  Nancy asks if we’ve had something catch our eye that was bright or shiny, then had to look again to see what was really there.  Last weekend, while on a trip back to Nebraska for my 45th high school reunion (a wonderful time), we stopped for lunch at the Iowa Machine Shed restaurant.  Besides amazing food, they had farm equipment of all types and, along the side of the building, some enormous sunflowers. The sun shining through the flowers caught my eye, but this little critter made me take another glance.

For anyone who’s seen “Galaxy Quest”, I must admit this guy reminds me a bit of Sarris.  🙂

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