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As we strolled through Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford, Illinois, we heard a regular bump which, when we got closer, came from this water installation. As the water filled up the bottom “pipe”, the pipe dipped down, hitting the stone, making the noise. The regular clunking grew monotonous rather quickly. It looked pretty though.

Let’s move on and enjoy some fall color in yellow/gold. These memories of early November are especially appreciated as we had an unusual day of rain yesterday, although the rain in the dry Southwest was greatly appreciated!

More color with a sculpture in the background.

A gentle Oriental reflection.

Finally a little closer for some browns, blue-greys, and lovely lines.

While out for a walk in Redondo Beach, we came upon this lovely sight sporting a gate, two doors (one very hidden on the house), and a gorgeous garden. The husband of the couple who owns it was outside working and turned out to be someone our daughter and son-in-law knew. The couple had lived in this house for many years and had obviously put in a lot of work. But what a magical place!

Thursday Doors 10.21.21

This house in Redondo Beach really caught my eye, both for its gardens and its doors. This one’s beautiful on a very human scale. I’d live here. Nothing more to say. Just enjoy.

for Thursday Doors 5.13.21

Patti’s given us some beautiful examples of focusing on details and asked us to do the same. So as Jackie Gleason used to say, “And awaaay we go!”, first to Queen Creek Olive Mill where I saw these shadow details one day while sipping a mocha and reading.

I found alien details in our backyard.

But details don’t have to be small or macro. This garden on Coronado Island in California has a lot of beautiful details that add up to a stunning large picture.

for One Word Sunday: color/colour

As I mentioned in a previous post, I visited Queen Creek Olive Mill for the first time during a visit some years ago, taking home a large container of mixed olives. That made it one of the first destinations I wanted to visit after we moved.

Of course that didn’t take into account the COVID-19 restrictions, but as there’s a store on the premises, it was classified as essential, although until last week, the eating part of the operation and coffee shop were closed. Besides olives in their “plain” form, you can choose from a variety of olive oils and olive products as well as items from other Arizona producers, including eggs, cheese, meat, flour, and much more. We fell in love with the homemade pasta as well as the olives, putting them permanently on my shopping list.

Sitting among the olive trees is a lovely way to enjoy lunch or coffee and when you’re in the desert, shade is always appreciated! Last week there were people enjoying the morning outside, but on this visit, this area was still closed.

You’ll find flowers as well as vegetables and herbs growing in profusion. Bees and butterflies are happy, but the birds are frustrated by the covering on top of the veggie section of the garden.


Dear God, my brother told me about how we are born but it just doesn’t sound right?  What do you say?  Marsha


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Living in or exploring a hill town gives you plenty exercise. Many, many feet have walked these stairways for hundreds or thousands of years, as can easily be seen from the wavy patterns of wear. Pocket gardens abound, blooming with a plethora of flowers a/o vegetables.




Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me a hand.


Up, up, and away!



Lakeside for our evening walk, we see him in the garden, engendering life, whatever the weather.  (more…)