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Bottoms up!

Besides frost, there were lots of geese in the park.  You know that goose down works well as an insulator or these guys would all be very, very cold!  For whatever reason, all the geese congregate here early in the morning, then take off at intervals, for all the world as if they’re taking off from an airport.  They make no noise while on the water, but as soon as they take off, the honking begins.  By the time I get back from my walk, they’re all gone.  But the next time I arrive, they’re back.
© janet m. webb

“Oh, listen. Listen!’ A sound like a big crowd a good way off, excited and shouting, getting closer. We stand up and scan the empty sky. Suddenly there they are (the geese), a wavering V headed directly over the hilltop, quite low, beating southward down the central flyway and talking as they pass. We stay quiet suspending our human conversation until their garrulity fades and their wavering lines are invisible in the sky.
They have passed over us like an eraser over a blackboard, wiping away whatever was there before they came.”
~Wallace Stegner

The early morning light illuminated the undersides of the geese as they flew overhead, distracting my from my search for frost photos.  Because people feed them and because there are places they can get food, not all geese go south for the winter.  I don’t mind them at the park, but when they’re at the nearby lake, their propensity for decorating the sidewalk with poop is distinctly off-putting.

© janet m. webb

After a several week cyber hiatus, Sally and her mobile photography challenge are back for another round in 2017.  Sally, I hope you had a wonderful and refreshing time.  Perhaps one day I’ll summon the fortitude to do the same.  🙂

Today we’re back to nature as our theme.  Supposedly geese fly south in the winter, away from the chilly northern Illinois temperatures.  But each year there are plenty of them left well into winter.  As you can see from my photo, they gather on the river en masse, honking and readying themselves for take off, although where they’re actually going is anyone’s guess. It reminds me of an avian airport with one runway.  After sufficiently getting their engines going, a small flock takes off, amid much racket.  When the proper interval has passed, then next group does the same.  However, despite all the takeoffs and the time of year, the goose population in our area is still doing well.

Other than the frame, this shot looks as it did when I took it on a cold but beautiful morning.

© janet m. webb 2016

Ailsa’s “Where’s My Backpack” theme for this week is “Flutter.”  While a goose might be too large to actually flutter, this one’s wings were working hard enough while taking off from the river that poetic license allows me to enter it in the challenge.  🙂

© janet m. webb 2015


White silence embraces me
	broken only by the scraping of my shovel.
Earth rests swathed in snow,
	trees and bushes wearing ermine caps,
	grass a coat of snow leopard.	
Dawn’s light is thin and cold
I work methodically
	falling snow re-doing my hair.
The stillness is broken
	by the sound of a lone goose…

flying north.