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Week 44 of 2015?  The first of November? How is that even possible? In my part of the world, we set our clocks back an hour last night as Daylight Savings Time ends. I can never remember when we’re supposedly saving time and when we’re not, made all the more confusing by the fact that Arizona, where my parents live, is content just to let daylight do it’s thing and not go “on” or “off” at all.  But I’ll try to enjoy the extra hour of sleep and not think about the number of people who evidently think that Daylight Savings Time means plants have longer to grow, more light, etc.  Sigh.

Only nine more Sundays left in this calendar year, but there are oddballs aplenty all around.  One of my online photographer friends said not long ago that he hoped I’d taken a photo specifically for this challenge or he would wonder about me.  Truth is, I’ve been collecting oddball photos since long before I discovered Cee’s challenge, so he, and maybe you, will just have to wonder. How can you not take oddball photos? The opportunities are endless and usually humorous.

The first two oddballs this week come from one of my walks on a trail in the park, the third from the Saturday morning farmer’s market in Naperville.