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Ve have our vays of finding dese tings!!

Mom’s Love Us.    The subject line for an email from a restaurant advertising for Mother’s Day.  They have wonderful food, but could use either some editing help or more knowledge about apostrophes and plurals.


Just to get your day off to a good, or possibly frustrating, start, I bring you recent grammar nazi sightings.  Enjoy (or cringe!) (more…)

In a much earlier blog, I mentioned that I’m a self-confessed grammar nazi (small “n” because it’s nothing to do with the real Nazis).  Grammar and punctuation errors seem to leap off the page and into my brain via my eyes, so I can’t claim any special status.  It just happens (although I supposed a lifetime of reading and that I actually enjoyed diagramming sentences in grade school may have contributed.)

So I’m keeping a list of grammar nazi sightings to amuse you and/or drive you crazy right along with me.

I’ll list them in no particular order and I won’t tell you where they came from, just that most of them came from places that should know better or should do a better job of editing.

“Tea Infused Cocktail Party- Your’re invited.”…from a well-known tea company.

Seen along the road in front of an empty field:  “Build to suite.”  Seems to me “Built to suit” might be more appropriate, even if there will be suites.

On a bank’s outdoor sign…”Inquire about free safe deposit boxes inside.”  Probably you should inquire inside., but I know  I’d certainly prefer an indoor safe deposit box to one that’s outside.

In a friend’s email, she mentioned teaching a dog to heal.”  It would be great if they could do that themselves, but highly unlikely.

That’s it for this round of sightings.   I know there are a lot more out there just waiting to be discovered and I’ll be watching for them.