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I’m going to go a little Grammar nazi on you on this Saturday morning, but only a little, I promise.  It’s just a matter of one or two commas to correct something very often done incorrectly or, rather, not done at all.

If you address someone directly, the name needs to be separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma (or two, if the name is in the middle of the sentence.)

An example:

Joey, please pass the dessert…or, at the other end…Stop playing with your food, Alicia.

If the person’s name is in the middle of the phrase, you need an extra comma:

I think, Juanita, that it’s much too late to go out tonight.

If you use a term of endearment or another term that could have a name substituted for it, you need to do the same thing.

For example:

Sir, you are a cad!

You, sir, are a cad!

Are you cold, my dear?

Call 911, somebody.

However, if you simply use someone’s name in a sentence without directly addressing them, this rule doesn’t apply.  You would properly say, “Mom is going to the store to get Henry some medicine.”  But if you said, “Go to the story, Henry, and get Mom some medicine,” you need to bring out the commas.

I hope this clears things up a bit, my friends.  The next time you comment on a post and use the person’s name, you might say, for example:

Janet, that’s one of the most helpful posts I’ve ever read.


When I think of the perfect blogger, Janet, I think of you.


What a fabulous photo, Janet!


Have a wonderful weekend, dear reader!

What do I spy with my grammar nazi eye?  Well, during the last month, I came across four gems to share with you.

grammar nazi (more…)

In the last few weeks of internet reading, I’ve come across a three-letter mistake that seems to be everywhere.

Do you use “its” or “it’s”?  The Grammar nazi wants to help out with a simple explanation.

grammar nazi (more…)

Sorry if I lured you into reading under false and salacious pretenses.  Actually, that’s not true.  I did it on purpose.  But keep reading.  The post is what’s short and hopefully sweet, but what’s loose?  (more…)

It might be amusing to come into a room and gasp, “Someone in this room has a dangling participle”, then observe who looks where.  However suggestive it might sound, a dangling participle is only a crime against grammar, not a jail-able offense, although grammar nazis may disagree.

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I haven’t posted any Grammar nazi sightings for some time, which doesn’t mean I haven’t spotted any.  These three may not all be strictly grammar, but they’re certainly related to how to write precisely–or not.

grammar nazi (more…)

The Grammar nazi has been quiescent for some time.  No glaring misuses of the language have impinged upon her delicate ears or thrust themselves before her limpid gaze.  But then this morning, she read the following two sentences and had a Grammar nazi flare-up.


I haven’t posted a Grammar nazi post for a long time but when this popped up on my Facebook page, I had to post it once I’d stopped laughing.    All I can say is that this is a difference worth knowing!!!  Who says grammar doesn’t matter?  Doug, this played  perfectly in to your Friday Fictioneers story.  And for anyone who would like to know what I’m talking about and would enjoy some stellar writing, here you go… (more…)

Today as we drove downtown to the library, we passed parking for the Rib Fest which runs Friday through Sunday.  I noticed that the parking signs said there was a “$13.00 donation” for parking, to be donated to some youth group.  That’s all well and good, but the word “donation” means a gift.  Surely not everyone decides to give a gift of $13.00.  What if I came to park and said I didn’t want to donate?  I don’t think you’d see my van in that parking lot! (more…)

“Patios full”….Facebook status by a restaurant.  If they have more than one patio, this works.  Otherwise, not.  I don’t think they do. (more…)