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Yesterday I flew from the land of frozen grass to the land of the desert, where grass comes at a water price, a price becoming higher and higher each year. The type of grass popular in Colorado these days comes at a high price as well.

But I want you to think of “grass” and “high” in a different way. When the hardy pioneers emerged from the forests of the east into the middle part of the US, they were greeted by a sea of grass, but not the grass of our manicured lawns or even the grass of the unkempt lawns of abandoned homes.


grass copyright janet m. webb 2015

For Day 4 of the Black and White Challenge, I offer you a sunlit piece of grass seen on one of my walks.  This type grass is legal in all 50 states, even though seeing the sun shine through it might make you high with pleasure.  🙂


Today’s invitee is Lucile.  Lucile, I hope you’ll join the 5-Day Black and White Challenge.