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What?  Wednesday again?  That means another prompt from Madison Wood’s blog, where writers from all over the world gather to write 100-word responses to a weekly photo.  This week’s photo is from Jan Morrill and it was difficult for me to come up with a story because the picture brought back memories of my trip to Europe in the 70’s and my time in Mykonos.  However, that would be all too ordinary a tale to relate for Friday Fictioneers.  🙂  If you’d like to read more stories (well worth your time), click on the cute little icon at the end of the story, sit back and enjoy the talent on display.

(“Yassou” is “hello” in Greek and thanks to “Bend it Like Beckham” for the title.)

The sun in the brilliant blue sky reflected heat off stark white buildings, making him glad he was secreted in the arbor, shaded by vines with leaves that might end as part of an authentic Greek dinner.  A group of women, dressed somewhat immodestly, swayed along the narrow street.  Tourists. The shapely blonde glanced his way, stopped, smiled slowly, and ducked under the vines.

“Yassou.  You’re cute!”

He didn’t know much English but her tone was unmistakable.  He was in luck. She pressed against him, one hand under his chin, the other moving lower.

“Girls!  Look at this cute donkey!”