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The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is a marvelous place.  Last year, it played host to the marvelous glass creations of Dale Chihuly and there’s still one installation at the entrance.  But on its own, it’s home to a vast variety of cacti, flowers, and animals, such as this ground squirrel, beauties in their own, if very different, right.

Ground squirrels,as their name implies, live mostly on the ground.  However, as we discovered while at the garden, they also climb trees!  This little guy, however, was in his proper place on the ground, posing rather brazenly for this shot.  It’s not much of a stretch to convert him to black and white, as he and the ground around him were all tan.  Ground squirrels are related to marmots, groundhogs, chipmunks, and prairie dogs and are known for being able to stand on their hind legs for long stretches at a time.  They’re also gregarious, which may explain this one’s lack of fear. Maybe he only wanted to say hello.


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