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Befuddled by what constitutes a Friday Fictioneer?  A FF, as we like to abbreviate it, is someone seriously addicted to writing stories of 100-words (more or less but mostly spot-on one hundred) every single week for as long as she or he shall live.  Sounds a bit like a marriage vow, doesn’t it?  Although it’s not a legal vow, most of us can’t stop writing each week, so it’s much like a marriage vow or an addiction or both.

You’re welcome to join us if you like.  The picture prompt is put out early Wednesday morning (yeah, don’t ask about the “Friday” part) and stories follow over the next week.  Stories may or may not seem to be directly linked to the picture but that’s fine.  The connection can be as nebulous as the promise you made to lose weight this year.  You can find the “rules”, such as they are, at the site of our hostess and chief-picture-choose-er, Rochelle Head-in-the-Clouds Wisoff,  The writers come from all over the world (and take you into all sorts of worlds.)

If you don’t want to write, but enjoy reading, fasten your seat belt and click on the blue link creature at the end of my post.  That will get you to the page where all the authors link their stories.  You’ll have to check back throughout the week to find them all.  Authors love “likes” and comments, so jump right in.  But beware!  You have no idea what you’re getting into!   This is not for the faint-of-heart.

copyright doug macilroy

copyright doug macilroy


Glancing in the mirror, she smiled at the disconnect between what her eyes saw and the way she felt inside. The reflection nowadays was merciless, but each of those lines told stories of laughter and tears, smiles and frowns–stories of a full life–and she would have changed very few of them.

Her husband was oblivious to those lines.  To him, she was the beautiful, young woman he’d married and she would never grow old or wrinkled.  He viewed her through love’s prism, greeting her daily with a kiss and a smile…even though now he couldn’t remember her name.


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