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Ann-Christine has set us a difficult challenge this week, difficult because there are too many magical choices. I can’t find the photo that came to mind first, but searching reminded me of a challenge I used to love: the Phoneography Challenge, hosted by Sally at Lens and Pens by Sally. Browsing that folder, I found more magical things to share than you want to see. But here are a few. This first is the photo from the now-defunct Weekly Photo Challenge that got the most likes ever on my blog.

But wait! There’re more.


In Philadelphia, there’s a vintage store that never seems to be open. But during this last trip, we found the door open and wandered into a store packed to the ceiling with, among other things, incredible women’s clothing, shoes, and hats, gorgeous, amazing hats!

This is quite a creation, but could be a bit tiring to wear for very long.  The owner told me it’s from the 1920’s cabaret scene.  Bring out your rhinestones and prepare to party!

hat copyright janet m. webb 2015

I would so wear this confection! I have a collection of hats that I wear when given the chance, but nothing like this.  Can’t you just see Audrey Hepburn sporting this beauty?

hat coypright janet m. webb 2015

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(I have to admit that it’s a bit difficult doing posts while so much suffering is going on in so much of the country.  I know that not posting wouldn’t help, but anything not storm-related seems so trivial.  However, life does go on, so here’s something light for those difficult times.)

I love hats and I have lots of them.  But ever since I started singing with praise team on Sunday mornings, I can’t wear my hats to church.  However, I still have them and can’t wait to start wearing them somewhere, although not in the constant rain in NE Ohio.  It’s been raining since Friday so the only hat I’ve been wearing is either my snazzy black London Fog rain hat or my Wyoming cap.  And of course, I have cowboy hats for riding in Wyoming.  Here, however, are a few of my favorite dress hats; for holidays, church, an upscale restaurant, high tea or a show. (more…)