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The sun shone on our first afternoon in Yosemite, but the rainy writing was on the afternoon wall.  Our hope was to get in a hike during the morning without getting soaked.  A trip to the food court netted me tea and my daughter coffee and a croissant.  Back at our room, we filled up on yogurt and homemade granola, put on our various layers, and headed out.  I had my non-backpack lined with a heavy plastic bag to protect my camera and telephoto lens in case the rain showed up early.

The hike to Mirror Lake isn’t difficult and if you really want to take it easy, you can walk on the edge of the paved road.  We took the path less traveled and…dare I say?…that made all the difference.

Notice my Chicago Blackhawks jacket?  🙂  Layers were definitely the thing as it wasn’t warm.  But of course, as we hiked, we warmed up.  Jacket zippers down, then up, then…  I was also constantly changing lenses or bringing out my phone for a shot.  My favorite pants have a pocket along the leg just the right size for my phone, which is most convenient.

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