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Hillsdale, Michigan is home to Hillsdale College as well as to many elegant old homes.  Our older daughter attended Hillsdale, giving me a chance to walk around the town one day some years ago, during which time I spotted a few Thursday Door-worthy doors.

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I’m in the midst of hockey mania.  The first round of the Stanley Cup finals is drawing to a close with our Chicago Blackhawks in a seventh win-or-go-home game, so I’m occupied with trying to help them win.  Not much time to do an in-depth post.

But as we enjoy the end of a day of summer-like sun and temperatures just ahead of a much cooler day tomorrow, I thought I’d share a shot of this lovely mural on the side of a building in Hillsdale, Michigan, part of a project to bring murals to the town.  I’d say that as bricks in the wall go, these are winners!

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