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I’m not actually sitting in the corner for being bad, but it’s been quite a week so far, with the Super Bowl, being surrounded by people who are sick or having to cover for co-workers who have the flu, craziness at work, etc.  Normally I’d be doing Thursday Doors today, but it’s almost 10:30 pm, I feel as if I’m fighting not to get sick, and I need to get some sleep.  Tomorrow is a day off and I plan to do a library run to pick up books that are in for me and then take it easy until praise team practice in the evening.

But I can’t leave you without anything, so I’ll share a photo of how I’m feeling right now and I’m not horsing around!  I’ll open a few more doors next Thursday but for now, I’m hitting the hay (or maybe I’m in tall clover.)  Whatever.  Good night!

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