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Friday Fictioneers is predicated on the idea that you can craft a complete story with a mere 100 words.  To determine whether or not we succeed, click on the blue creature at the end of this post.  That will take you to all the stories that are currently up.  However, stories are continually added, sometimes until the Tuesday evening prior to the next picture prompt, which is posted in the wee hours of each Wednesday morning, so you may want to keep checking.  All authors love feedback, so add your two cents’ worth and if you like the story, “like” it.  You’re also welcome to participate.  The “rules” are found on Rochelle’s website, so join us if you if you’re so inclined.  We’re an eclectic, but friendly, bunch.

Copyright Sandra Crook

Copyright Sandra Crook

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

I stood, petrified, scarcely breathing.

Countless eyes stared silently back at me. Waiting.

Stomach churning, I sought desperately for a way out. Nothing.

At first, there were just rustlings, but soon, mumblings, then a few snickers. The mob, growing restless, ready for their fun. I knew what I was supposed to do, I just couldn’t dredge up the words to keep them at bay.

They grew bolder, the mocking more evident. They wouldn’t wait much longer.



…was rescued by the strident beeping of the alarm.  Too much “Animal Farm”!  Thankfully, it was time for Shakespeare.  And for some coffee!

If you read the comments, you’ll see that I got several suggestions for improving the piece and I did change the ending.  I’m including the original below.  What do you think?

“…was rescued by the strident alarm, jerked from a nightmare of standing unprepared before my senior literature class. Definitely time for some coffee!”

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