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Prior to my visit to Illinois, I asked Sue (Mac’s Girl), if she’d like to meet while I was there. We met at Morton Arboretum, in Lisle (pronounced “Lyle”) where the “Human + Nature” sculptures were on exhibit. Sue had been to the exhibit before but one sculpture had proved elusive so our mission was to find it. But today we’re starting with the first three sculptures we found.

Internationally renowned artist Daniel Popper created 15- to 26-foot-tall sculptures exclusively for the Arboretum featured in various locations across its 1,700 acres, leading guests to areas they may not have explored before. It is his largest exhibition to date anywhere in the world.

“Gingko.” I really like this one.

Flower season was past as in late October, but there was a seasonal display of color nonetheless. Decorative kale is so beautiful.

I believe this one is “Hallow.” Although this appears to be wood, it’s not.

The sculptures are constructed of glass-reinforced concrete, fiberglass and steel. They each weigh several metric tons. They are painted to look like wood.

From what I can determine, this sports the puzzling name of “UMI.” Don’t ask me. The sculptor chose the names and isn’t saying what they mean, asking each individual to determine what the sculpture and name mean. We thought this one might show the two-faced-ness of the world these days. Makes Janus and his two faces seem rather above board! Now that I think of it, this is what my high school students thought I could do. They couldn’t understand how I could see them doing things they shouldn’t. I never enlightened them as to what peripheral vision meant. 🙂 Better to let them fear my powers!

Finally, we have a never-before-seen selfie of the two of us: Sue to the left and I on the right. 🙂

Jo’s Monday Walk 12.5.22

(All quotes are from the Morton Arboretum website.)