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Yeah, this is what I do…or what I really like to do. Get up close and personal. See small things that others might miss. Look more and more closely. So you can imagine that choosing photos for this wasn’t at all easy although it was fun. After I hit five, I stopped. But I hope you enjoy the five I chose and thanks to Anne for hostessing this week.

The butterfly bush outside our living room window provides hours of viewing pleasure.  Besides butterflies, bees, and other insects, it attracts the unusual hummingbird moth.  Not only humans confuse this lovely moth with a hummingbird; insects and other birds do as well.  But instead of a long, thin beak, the moth has a proboscis to reach into flowers for nectar.  The moth also pollinates plants.

On this day, my eyes catch movement.  I grab my camera, moving carefully to the window.  Today was a good day outside the window in our own backyard.

hummingbird moth copyright janet m. webb 2015

On this day, the hummingbird impostor isn’t the only thing I see.  Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal dropped by for a visit.

cardinal copyright janet m. webb 2015

copyright janet m. webb 2015

And, yes, least I forget, there was also a butterfly.

monarch copyright janet m. webb 2015