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It’s the Ides of March, the anniversary of the death of Julius Caesar and also my birthday, although the latter occurred more than a few years after Julius’ death!  Anyway, Joey asked me to mention my birthday here so that she could send me birthday wishes, so I heard (OK, read) and obeyed.  Here you go, Joey!

Atop” is today’s theme, like the candles atop a birthday cake, (which I’m not having, although I’ll probably have a dark beer tonight from those my husband gave me as a gift.  Better than cake!)  Outside my parents’ Arizona home is a tree beloved by this little hummingbird, atop the branches in this photo.  He’s a colorful guy with a huge bill for dipping into flowers.

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Overall, I enjoy WordPress and find it easy to use.  Recently, I’ve noticed a tendency while typing my posts, for my cursor to suddenly disappear  (about six times so far in this short missive), only to appear in the “tag” section of the set-up window.  (Up to about ten times now.)  Consequently, I find my tags gone when I preview my post or find incomprehensible bits of “writing.”  WordPress also likes to get rid of spacing each time I make a change to my post.  Those two things alone are enough to completely frustrate me!!

However, today’s theme for the Photo Challenge is “Weight(less)“, so on to that.  A hummingbird appears weightless as it sucks the nectar from a flower, although its wings make a sound like a small jet, or perhaps it’s simply superb at balancing on its beak in a flower.   This bird was enjoying the warmth of the Phoenix Botanical Gardens while having a sweet smoothie.

copyright janet m. webb 2015



I’ve been thinking about “my” cardinal lately ( as I haven’t seen or heard him.  Here are some limericks about him and some haiku about the hummingbird we saw today and about vacation.   (more…)