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There are so many hummingbirds at the Preserve (and even in our neighborhood) that I no longer feel the same excitement when I see one, but I still enjoy spotting them. If I’m wearing something red, they often buzz me and on the Wyoming porch where I leave the red cooler sitting outside, they’ll buzz that as well. I still find hummingbirds sitting or at rest unusual, but even at rest, this guy was paying attention to what was going on. Gotta love the shiny feather fashion statement.

My work is the world. Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird – equal seekers of sweetness. Here the quickening yeast; there the blue plums. ~Mary Oliver

Gentle day’s flower – The hummingbird competes With the stillness of the air. ~Chogyam Trungpa

I always loved those little creatures [hummingbird], always feel blessed when they appear nearby. There’s a magical quality to them. I finally put one in a song. ~Leonard Cohen

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by the seat of our pants these days. Some of us just do it more easily and naturally.

for Six Word Saturday

It’s the Ides of March, the anniversary of the death of Julius Caesar and also my birthday, although the latter occurred more than a few years after Julius’ death!  Anyway, Joey asked me to mention my birthday here so that she could send me birthday wishes, so I heard (OK, read) and obeyed.  Here you go, Joey!

Atop” is today’s theme, like the candles atop a birthday cake, (which I’m not having, although I’ll probably have a dark beer tonight from those my husband gave me as a gift.  Better than cake!)  Outside my parents’ Arizona home is a tree beloved by this little hummingbird, atop the branches in this photo.  He’s a colorful guy with a huge bill for dipping into flowers.

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Overall, I enjoy WordPress and find it easy to use.  Recently, I’ve noticed a tendency while typing my posts, for my cursor to suddenly disappear  (about six times so far in this short missive), only to appear in the “tag” section of the set-up window.  (Up to about ten times now.)  Consequently, I find my tags gone when I preview my post or find incomprehensible bits of “writing.”  WordPress also likes to get rid of spacing each time I make a change to my post.  Those two things alone are enough to completely frustrate me!!

However, today’s theme for the Photo Challenge is “Weight(less)“, so on to that.  A hummingbird appears weightless as it sucks the nectar from a flower, although its wings make a sound like a small jet, or perhaps it’s simply superb at balancing on its beak in a flower.   This bird was enjoying the warmth of the Phoenix Botanical Gardens while having a sweet smoothie.

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I’ve been thinking about “my” cardinal lately ( as I haven’t seen or heard him.  Here are some limericks about him and some haiku about the hummingbird we saw today and about vacation.   (more…)