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I’m pulling my mind away from unpacking boxes and deciding where to store the contents when the old, familiar storage spots aren’t always available any more, to the more pleasurable task for crafting one hundred words to riff off a photo prompt. Yes, it’s Friday Fictioneers time once again (or in this case, Wednesday Writers). At the end of my story is a link which, if clicked, will lead you into other worlds of other writers. Take a minute to let me know, for better or worse, what you think of my story, then take a bit more time to explore some of the offerings for a variety of talented flash fiction writers.

Statue_on_the_HorizonThis week’s prompt is courtesy of Jan Wayne Fields and copyright to him.

Free At Last

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” danced in my head as I watched Jimmy sleep.  He, and our life, weren’t going to improve.   His symptoms grew worse daily. No money for experimental treatments, no close relatives, no opportunity for me to make friends, all made life harder.  Even working from home was difficult.

The newly-installed medical board decreed him “not a high priority.”  He was to me.  I loved him.

As I slipped the needle into his arm, my tears began to fall.

“Free at last.  Free at last.  Thank God, we’re free at last.”

Weren’t we?


How did I get here from this photo?  Something about the combination of open water and the Statue of Liberty said freedom to me, but not the freedom we normally associate with the Statue.  There are however, many types of freedom, illusory or real.