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An independent bookstore is too often these days a vanishing breed.  Value it if your city has one.  Naperville has the thriving Anderson’s Bookshop, where not only do they sell books and other things, but they bring in a variety of authors.  We recently were fortunate enough to meet Laurie R. King, author of the Holmes and Russell books, where she spoke, then signed her latest book, The Murder of Mary Russell.

Unfortunately, not all independent bookstores are doing so well.  With the coming of Amazon and other discount services, bricks-and-mortar bookstores are in a precarious position.  Although I can’t claim to buy lots of new books, library sales being more in my financial wheelhouse, I do try to patronize the indies (independents) when possible.  This bookstore in Santa Barbara was one that had closed by the time we visited the city during the summer of 2015. If you’re a reader, I encourage you to check out your local bookstore and buy something there this week.

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