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We’re not leaving Petrified Forest just because it’s time for Thursday Doors. I found a few doors in the park despite most of the attractions being outdoor. Lots of doors open to the outside, but there are some very attractive ones inside as well as you can see from this cabinet door in the Painted Desert Inn.

This door, from the same place, is more functional but still attractive in its own way.

This of course is the inside of a door that opened to the outside at one time, the door to the 1932 Studebaker I talked about in yesterday’s post. I would imagine that if you saw the inside of a door on any of today’s models, they’d look quite different. But they might not hold up as well against the ravages of time in the desert.

As promised, tomorrow we’ll visit Puerco Pueblo. See you then.

Thanks to Dan for hosting Thursday Doors, taking over ably after creator Norm stepped aside. Thursdays just wouldn’t be the same without TD!

Ok, that title’s a bit of a cheat. Yes, these doors are in Prescott but they’re at Marsha’s house. 🙂 Door maniacs see and photograph doors whenever and wherever they appear and so I grabbed a few shots while I was staying there. Enjoy!

Pastel doors…

Red traveling doors…

Framed doors on the wall not doors in the wall…

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