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for One Word Sunday

Several years ago while visiting Philly, we went into the Fabric Workshop and Museum in downtown Philadelphia.  They warned us that they were between exhibitions, but even allowing for that, it was the smallest display I’ve ever seen in a museum of any size.  However, I did get some cool photos, including the one I’m sharing with you today.

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If you enjoy photographing doors, join your fellow door fanatics over at Norm’s site (link will be here once I get up and get it linked).  It’s a-door-able.  🙂

For this week’s Phoneography Challenge, I chose three iPad photos of skies at various times of day and in various moods.
The photos haven’t been edited in any way.

This first photo is one of many beautiful sunsets we experienced at Cape May, New Jersey last Thanksgiving.


The day this photo was taken, I was coming home from the store as the clouds became more and more dramatic. This wasn’t long after I’d had my iPad and I felt a little silly standing in the street in front of our house, trying for just the right shot. The clouds were moving so quickly that every shot I took looked very different.


This picture reminds me of the pictures depicting the glory of God streaming down from heaven. But after all, what is nature but God’s glorious handiwork displayed for  us to see?


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