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Although I know this isn’t really pointillism, all the little drops of water on the hairy bits of the plant remind me of it.

for Six Word Saturday

for Six Word Saturday

We’ve often seen Wyoming brown and I’ve seen it partly green but it, like so many other places in the country, had much rain this spring. That meant that conditions were ripe for wildflowers.  I loved these shooting stars and I think you can see how wet it was!

What did we do while I was in Philadelphia?  Ate well, stopped at many coffee shops, walked a lot, watched episodes of “Father Brown” in the evening…and took shots of doors (naturally).  The first door I saw is the first door in this post.  I was just ready to take a photo when the woman who lived there walked up.  I complimented her on the door and she said the artist had done more doors.  I can see why.

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