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© janet m. webb

taken with my iPhone 6s

for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday


Some nights are more spectacular than others, this being one of them. I did take some shots with the Nikon, but I thought this iPhone photo came out rather well, too. The colors were just like this.

for Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Soft

I, like Claude Monet, love enjoying the beauty of flowers always, even when they’re dead.  So I had to cheat just a little to get to six words for Six-Word Saturday.  Who cares?  Just enjoy, both the photo and your Saturday (or Sunday, if you’re in that part of the world.)

(I work Saturday and part of Sunday so forgive me if I don’t get to your blog or am late. It’s a busy weekend here.  And happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate tomorrow.)

Although Philadelphia was founded long before cars were around and it’s much easier in many ways to do without one if you live in the city environs, there are now plenty of cars and where there are cars, there are sometimes garages.  I, for one, can appreciate the Philadelphia garage, having had to hope for a parking spot too many times over the years of visits.  These garage doors aren’t your usual doors, though.  See if you can spot some of what makes them interesting and maybe a bit a-door-able.

If you can drive in the snow, head up to Montreal, park at Norm’s garage, then walk through doors all over the world.  Take your time.  There are no parking tickets.

copyright janet m. webb


Just for fun this week, Cee’s asking us to share a photo or photos of a sunset, sunrise, or a night shot.  One wonderful thing about an iPhone (or other smartphone) is that I never have to miss a shot, even on a walk in the park.

copyright janet m. webb

copyright janet m. webb