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There’s getting from place to place and then there’s gettin’ around in style!  No one is too young for some snazzy wheels, as this grocery cart catering to the younger set in Mesa, Arizona shows.  It’s just unusual enough to enter the Oddball Photo Challenge for this week. Hopefully both drivers are on the same page as to which aisle they’re headed for next!

I’ve joined Instagram, although I’m still feeling my way around.  My username is, unsurprisingly, Sustainabilitea, so feel free to follow me there.  If you’re on Instagram, let me know.

© janet m. webb 2017

You gotta do something while waiting for luggage to emerge from the bowels of the airport onto the baggage carousel.  In my case, after choosing just the right spot, I take photos of the carousel.  🙂  Sally’s Black and White theme for the third Monday of the month seems like the perfect place for this shot.  We’re making  12+ hour trip today from Philadelphia to Chicago, but we’re driving, so our luggage is all with us and flies free, just like it does on Southwest.  Yes, that’s a shameless plug for my favorite airline.

Happy Monday!

© janet m. webb 2016

As much as I enjoy winter, preferably with snow rather than the rain we’ve gotten recently, a hit of color now and then brightens the spirits. Hence, I offer you this as a cheerful response to Sally’s on-going challenge to us to take photos with non-traditional cameras, in this case, an iPhone 5s.

Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup.
~Wendell Berry

© janet m. webb 2016

Bright reds – scarlet, pillar-box red, crimson or cherry – are very cheerful and youthful. There is certainly a red for everyone.
~Christian Dior

It’s certainly easy to try a photo in black and white when shooting digital!  Some photos don’t need much help, though, as in these reflections I found one cold morning on the river.  This reminds me of something the Impressionists might have done had they not worked in color.

© janet m. webb 2016

I’ve featured doors from Villersexel before on Thursday Doors, as well as the chateau that distinguishes this town of under 2,000 residents.  In 1871, the French and the Prussians battled here, during which time the mostly-timber chateau was destroyed by fire.  In the same year, the owner looked for an architect working with more fire-resistant materials, choosing the young Gustave Eiffel (yes, that Eiffel) who was working with iron.  Shall I say that Eiffel developed into a towering talent?  Perhaps not.

At any rate, the chateau is completely furnished in this period. Lafayette reportedly lived in the current Chateau, while Charles De Gaulle and Winston Churchill both stayed there.  However, most of the people live in less exalted homes, yet homes with interesting doors.  These three represent three different sorts of doors, something for everyone.

The colorfully elegant…

© janet m. webb 2016


© janet m. webb 2016

I admit to a fondness for shots of water drops.  Since today is the “Macro” theme, I thought I’d play with this drop a little bit.  It’s always good to begin the week with some fun. I hope your week’s off to a good start and that it’s warmer than it is in the Chicago metropolitan area!

© janet m. webb 2016