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Let’s take a last look at the wonderful autumn colors at Anderson Japanese Garden. The building here is the tea house but unfortunately, it wasn’t open and I’m not sure it really serves tea. I’m sure the restaurant does, though. But beauty was served up plentifully.

What’s your favorite, red or yellow? I can’t really decide so this photo caters to my indecision.

A bit more red.

And there was even some green.

We’re nearing the end of our visit here but we’re not quite done yet, even though lunch was looming ever larger in our minds. I still have a few pictures to share before we move on. In the meantime, enjoy the upcoming weekend!

We started our new year with, of all things, rain, rain, and more rain. After church we’d planned to do some weeding but that obviously didn’t happen. Did some reading, have beef stew in the crockpot, watching some football (American). A relaxing start to 2023.

Continuing our walk through Anderson Japanese Gardens will also give you a sense of peace as it did to me when my friend and I walked there in early November. Even the bridges were attractive as well as functional, something I’d like to see in more necessary items.

There were also beautiful views from this bridge.

We were not alone, although this creature maintained a stony silence while we were nearby.

I love this sort of path, one that invites, even lures you to walk farther. I would think children would love to jump from stone to stone.

In the best “Karate Kid” tradition, “Breathe in, breathe out” and welcome the new year in calmly. And if you still write checks, don’t forget to write “2023!” 🙂

Jo’s Monday Walk…1.2.23

Nature is front and center in a Japanese garden but not wild, untended nature. It’s carefully curated to appear entirely natural.

I call this sort of shape a Dr. Seuss tree as that’s what it reminds me of. 🙂

The boat on the lake adds so much to the look of the whole.

More red berries…

…and a fuzzy bud.

Don’t you feel more relaxed even though these are only photos? Serenity is key in this sort of garden.

I can’t believe that during all the years we lived in Naperville, Illinois I never visited Anderson Japanese Gardens in nearby Rockford. When my friend and I made this our destination one day during my recent visit, I realized what I’d been missing! Visitors are asked to silence phones and voices to enjoy the sounds of nature. The sound of water (when not pouring into your basement or running somewhere it shouldn’t) is a peaceful sound as in this fountain with paper cups nearby.

The bright red of the Japanese maple took away my breath with its vibrant beauty.

Hawthorne, I believe.

More water.

Water and color, a wonder-filled combination.

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