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Monday I point the van back towards Arizona after a wonderful visit. But this morning I spent a few minutes in the car wash and thought I’d take a few photos as well as stop in to say hello and hope all of you are doing well. There will be much to tell when I return.

Six-Word Saturday 6.4.22

If I didn’t respond to someone’s comment during the last three days, it probably ended up in my spam folder where I found 222 spam comments which I deleted batch by batch. If yours was hidden there somewhere, my apologies. I haven’t been on my laptop to find them since arriving in California.

Six-Word Saturday 5.28.22

Looks like Windows is doing another update on my laptop making it impossible to read blogs or schedule a post. Thank goodness for my iPad!!

Isn’t this a great advertisement for a hair salon? It works well in California where things grow year-round. It wouldn’t look quite the same if the hair were cacti. 😂😂😂

Welcome to Wednesday.

Six-Word Saturday 3.18.22

We’re on our way back from California today. The good news is that we don’t lose an hour because Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings time, making us the same time as California now. That worked out well! 😉 The bad news is that I’ll be driving, not reading your blog posts. May I make it up to you by giving you some beautiful nasturtiums? If you’re annoyed with me, you can just eat them! 😳😘. Happy Monday.

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