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Through the internet I’ve made the acquaintance of a number of wonderful authors, whether online or in print or both.  Other than my blog, several newsletter and a long-running column in a home school magazine, I’m not a published author…with two recent exceptions.  One of my 100-word stories, written for Friday Fictioneers, has been published in a collection of  100-word stories (for Kindle and in book form) and one of my haiku was just recently published in Jan Morrill’s new “Life: Haiku by Haiku.”  The haiku featured are all hers, with the exception of mine and one by John J. Han, professor and published haiku poet.

Jan’s also published a wonderful book, “The Red Kimono“,about the Japanese internment during WWII.  My haiku was written in response to the title of that book.  Today I’m using a photo of the red kimono our younger daughter brought back from Japan for me as the background for my haiku.


An online friend and writer, Jan Morrill, has published a book called “The Red Kimono”, a story of Japanese in America during WWII.  You can find Jan online at or on Facebook and, of course, if you’d like to buy the book, you can find it on Amazon.  

Here’s a haiku I wrote in honor of her book.

Red kimono stands
Starkly against winter snow
I wrap it tightly