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Besides going to church and then to work, Sunday is a chance to participate in Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge.  I used Lomo-ish from Picasa on today’s kitchen/food oddball.

Happy Sunday!

copyright janet m. webb


Thankfully, there was no “out of the frying pan” here, just another one of the oddball kitchen/food photos I enjoy finding and taking.  Or maybe it was actually something from “Stranger Things”.  I can’t quite recall.  🙂

At any rather, a most happy and blessed Sunday to all of you or, if you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or somewhere similar, I hope it was a happy and blessed Sunday.

© janet m. webb

To see more oddball photos or to join in, head over to Cee’s and click on today’s date.

As the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt seems to be lost in the ether, I’ll go ahead and post my response to the Oddball Photo Challenge for this week.  Here are two faces that appeared in my kitchen recently.

Scrubbing is hard work, but he still has a smile.

© janet m. webb 2016

The definition of “bulbous?”

© janet m. webb 2016

When cooking or baking, I often grab my phone to take a photo of some interesting sight or creature created by mixing, melting, adding, or other kitchen process.  This one caught my attention and then I tarted it up a bit just for fun.  I hope you enjoy it.


While oddball photos may actually be odd, they may also be photos that defy categorization.  Either way (or both), they’re fun and you can enjoy a variety of them every week at Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge.  Look through your photos.  I bet you have some that you could post, so consider joining the fun.

My photos this week were taken as I got ready to do some cooking.  If you really look into a pan or bowl, you’re likely to see some amazing, beautiful and, yes, oddball things.  The first shot is of water in a non-stick pan, edited for fun and additional interest.

photo 2(108)

The second one is the same pan with a bit of olive oil added.  Oil and water don’t mix, but they can look rather good not mixing.

photo 3(84)-001