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Tea and coffee are said to stain your teeth, but much more devilish is the humble lettuce or other type of edible greenery.

Although good for your health, lettuce has a nasty habit of plastering itself onto the outer sides of your teeth (and inner sides, too.)  And there it remains, impervious to whatever liquid you swish through your mouth or the blandishment of your tongue.  Toothpicks, fingers or toothbrushes seem to be the only reliable instruments that will get rid of the pestilent stuff.

This leads to the inevitable questions, two sides of the same coin:

  • Do you tell someone if you spot greenery decorating their teeth?
  • Would you want someone to tell you if they spot something blooming on your teeth?

I’d love to know what you think, so take a moment to leave a comment. Then go out and enjoy your Saturday with clean teeth!

photo 1(107)

Today at the farmer’s market, I bought the largest head of romaine lettuce I’ve ever seen for a mere $3. While it’s true that romaine is both delicious and nutritious, lettuce look at its beauty.