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One Word Sunday: light

Although I spend a good deal of my photographic life (and life in general) avoiding the mechanical/industrial as much as possible, John’s set us the task today of sharing photos of exactly those things. I accept the challenge. Here are a few I like.

I love these lights at my local Black Rock Coffee shop.

I often walk underneath the street when walking along the canal, much easier than waiting for a break in traffic and then rushing across without getting hit or stranded on the median. One day I saw what I think was an owl flying quickly to the other side as I approached this spot, an intersection of nature and industrial/manmade.

For mechanical, there’s nothing quite like a classic car, even if I couldn’t avoid several selfies in the process.

We had a Tiffany-style light fixture in our Ohio house, shallower but wider than this one, but it stayed with the house when we sold it. Kind of wish we’d taken it along, but you can’t take everything.

for Life in Colour: gold

I love the gracefulness and colors of these lights but, as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell said way back in the 60’s…

© janet m. webb

“Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby!”

© janet m. webb

One night in downtown Aurora, we saw this cool light display atop a former distillery, now home to businesses. It’s a happy-making oddball, don’t you think?


Not long until I’m back to regular internet.  Thanks for bearing with me.

Driving around looking at Christmas lights is one of the things we enjoy doing each year. Naperville has lots of amazing lights and we saw a number on Saturday night. Unfortunately, it was raining, but I hope they’ll get your Christmas spirit going anyway.  

Our Christmas service is at 5 pm (I’m singing a duet of “Mary, Did  You Know” and wearing yet another hat), then we’ll have food and drink with friends, deliver the last bike for our 2Wheels2Kids project (four total for our first year–not bad), maybe see some more lights, then end the evening at home, listening to a reading of the Christmas story and opening the gifts in our stockings.  Then it will be off to bed, filled with anticipation for the joy and excitement of Christmas Day.

May your Christmas Eve be filled with anticipation and love.






The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Let There Be Light.”  I find this one particularly interesting, although it makes me want to phone home.  But maybe I’m just space truckin’.


Spotted when we emerged from our lovely evening at Chef Amaury’s last week (, in case you missed it.)  It makes me happy just to look at it.  And yes, it makes me feel like dancin’, something I love to do. (more…)