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All these oddball photos were taken with my iPad in the days when our phones still looked as though they could beam us up to the Enterprise. Carrying an iPad was harder than slipping a phone into my purse, but it did take great photos.

Here’s an oddball thing about me: I love Friday the 13th. 13 was my softball number for years by choice. So I enjoyed this month!

A restaurant in Cleveland’s Little Italy was using this as an eye-catching display. It worked.

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Friend time for a couple hours, so we rendezvoused in Cleveland’s Little Italy for an inexpensive but always tasty lunch at Presti’s,   We’d been blessed with rain, more threatening, so when I arrived first, I grabbed a table outside but under the overhang, protecting us from both too much sun and any possible showers.  What to have wasn’t a problem even for me, the one who usually lingers over a menu for ages, torn by all the choices.  We had our usual entree… (more…)