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(Little) Venice

Posted: October 15, 2016 in Travel
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Colmar, France is noted for being picturesque and a part of that comes from the narrow boats plying their way up and down the section of the river Lauch that cuts through the colorful, half-timbered houses and businesses. After lunch under the awnings in the restaurant on the right, we, like so many others, took photos from the Saint-Pierre Bridge. We did not, however, take a boat ride.  All our exploration was done on foot.

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Colmar, one of France’s most picturesque cities, is an historic town filled with colorful, half-timbered houses resembling old-time London if someone had run amok there with pastels.  But Colmar also boasts Little Venice, a bit of river just widen enough for narrow boats filled with passengers to ply their ways, while those of us on the banks and bridges instead ply our cameras.