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Ann-Christine is looking for examples of artificial light in this week’s challenge, which is quite a challenge for me as most of my light is in nature. I’ve trawled through some of my archives to find a few examples to share with you. I hope you enjoy them and have a marvelous weekend. We’re binge watching the Vancouver rugby 7’s tournament today and probably tomorrow as well. 🙂 What are you doing?

My favorite view of a large city, Los Angeles in this case, is at night when the artificial light reigns supreme. This is a view from the observatory.

Light in the chapel in Sedona’s lovely shopping area, Tlaquepaque, reminiscent of some of Europe’s small chapels. If you book early and pay an unknown amount, you can have your wedding here. 🙂

Indubitably artificial light.

© janet m. webb


As tempted as I was to go with a beautiful morning in the park or a stunning sunset, I decided to go with the lights I saw a few years ago looking out at LA from Griffith Planetarium with my daughter.  I thought the shot turned out rather well, considering it was taken with my iPhone 5s.

© janet m. webb

And then while I was scrolling, I found this photo, a complete opposite, so I thought I’d feature them both for contrast.

© janet m. webb

Then I decided to go with one more and yes, it’s from the park.  After that, I decided I’d better stop, even though I had a lot more.  🙂  Have a happy, blessed Monday filled with magical light.

© janet m. webb

all for Lens-Artists Challenge


I recently spent a long Memorial Day weekend in southern California (as well as Baja California), starting in Pasadena with our two daughters.  I love what this parking garage owner has done with the doors to the elevators!

© janet m. webb


Welcome to another Wednesday, the first one of October, if you can believe it (and even if you can’t.)  If I could find a time machine, I’d slow time down a bit, but all my local sources seem to be sold out.

Today’ Photo Challenge theme is “Pedestrian”, which gives several possibilities for interpretation.  My laptop is moving at less than the speed of a pedestrian of the human kind, unfortunately, but I can’t send you a photo of it happening, so I’ll have to look elsewhere for inspiration.

I spend much time as a pedestrian of the walking kind and there are many shots you can’t get unless you’re taking your time.  Walking around Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles at night allowed me to take this anything but pedestrian photo of the city.

copyright janet m. webb

“Travel” is my choice for Sally’s “Challenger’s Choice”.  The view from Griffith Observatory is one of the top ten things to do or see in Los Angeles.  The night we visited, the observatory was open, free, and impressive.  So was the view.

© janet m. webb 2017

This week’s photo challenge theme, “Half and Half“, will be interesting!  I’m tempted to take a photo of a carton of half-and-half just for fun, but since I don’t have any and another trip that involves going out in our hot, humid weather doesn’t appeal, I’ll head for my files to see what I can find for inspiration.  The halves may be literal or figurative and the sky’s the limit.

From the Getty Museum, perched high atop a mountain in Los Angeles, you can see more than half the city and the surrounding area.  Even without the magnificent art collections and the beautiful gardens, it would be worth taking the time to visit simply for this. Not everything about the City of Angels is angelic, but from here, the view is certainly heavenly!

IMG_5256This is where the panorama feature of the iPhone really shines.