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This month two of M.R.’s LIOLI (Love it or loathe it) challenge.  We’ve gone from the somewhat sublime (flying) to the more plebeian (notice I avoided the word “ridiculous”)–liver.  I decided to check in with a few friends to get their opinion.  Here were their reactions.

M.R. asked, “D’you love it or loathe it?”
and I knew I would have to disclose it.
The subject was liver
But I’d nothing to give her
So instead I asked who opposed it.

The cannibal when asked about liver,
Said with a bit of a shiver,
“You must avoid drinkers.
Their livers are stinkers.”
Then he paddled away down the river.

My grandma while resting her bunions
Confessed she liked liver with onions
“When eaten just plain
It gives me a pain
And I’d rather partake of fried grunions.”

Whenever the meal was liver
Joe always slipped Dusty a sliver.
Then one day she barked
And had such a bad fart
It set all their noses aquiver.

Writing poems, limericks in this case, about liver isn’t easy as there are very few words that actually rhyme with liver. I resorted to checking online in case I’d missed any and found these: river, quiver, liver, giver (or “give her” that I eventually came up with), shiver, deliver, downriver, plus the names of almost every “river” in the world, such as “Amazon River”, Mississippi River”, etc., etc. etc. “Onions”, a natural companion to “liver”, has almost as bad a problem: bunion, bunyan, grunion, munyan, munyon, runnion, runyan, runyon, Paul Bunyan. At least the rhymes for “liver” are fairly normal words. So I did my humble best with what I had to work with. As for me, my experience is that it all depends how the liver is cooked. It can be delicious (crunchy on the outside and tender inside) or stringy. And I, with Grandma, prefer mine with onions and, with the cannibal, my drink on the side.