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Hard to believe it’s already Friday once again, but this Friday is a special one–it’s the last Friday (at least for a week or so), that the temperatures will scream “Winter!!!”  Starting tomorrow (Saturday), spring will arrive, trailing her mid-40’s or higher (Fahrenheit, of course) days and nights with double digits adorning them.  She will be so very welcome.  Even if winter makes a sally or two here and there, I’m happy knowing spring will ultimately prevail.

This week’s challenge falls right into the anticipation of spring and its glorious colors:  “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?”  A sunset sprang to mind immediately, but I thought I’d try to go somewhere different.  Here’s where I went and I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Art in the family

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Art, Family
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Our younger daughter is a print maker in the making and she’s making them pretty well.  Here are a few of the things she’s done recently. I have to add that if there are any that catch your fancy, they’re all for sale for about $25 or less plus postage. But feel free just to enjoy them and give her any feedback you like via the comment section.  I’ll make sure she sees them.  Her blog is found at

photo 2(34)


photo 1(8)

photo 2(35)

photo 1(6)

photo 3(5)

photo 5(14)

Not only is this the third Monday in December, and thus time for the Black and White challenge, but it’s also the last third Monday of  2013.   In honor of the third Monday, I have a trio of photos.  The first is one I took at one of the oddest museums I’ve ever visited, the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia.  The main gallery was closed as they were getting organized for the next show but the rest of the museum was open.  It was the smallest museum I’ve ever seen, had scarcely any exhibits and even at $3 per person, we felt we’d overpaid.  However, one of the shots I took with my iPad was naturally B&W and I like it.

The second two shots are of prints done by our younger daughter for the annual print sale at PAFA, where she attends art school.  I hope to soon post photos of all the prints she has for sale but for now, I hope you enjoy these two.  If you’d like to see more of her work, her website is called Eggshells.

If you take photos with a Smartphone or any type of iThing, feel free to head over to Sally’s site and enter your photo(s).  I’m pleased to announce I’ve joined the Smartphone generation and now have an iPhone, so one of these days I might be posting photos taken with it.  🙂


A B&W print of a capoiera class…