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I know, the Weekly Photo Challenge will be coming today, but I have these delicious photos to share with you first,
calorie-free to you, as this is the virtual world of food.

Here’s something we had a few night’s ago: cool grapes, crunchy yellow carrots from the farmers market, elk sausage to die for, Baby Buche from Mackenzie Creamery ( on wheat crackers, soft, sweet dates, and crunchy almonds.


Yesterday, on the way back from a doctor’s appointment (one confirming that Bill is as of now, cancer-free), we stopped at a farmers market we’d spotted on the drive in. We bought a few things but the biggest score was the half-price, plump, gorgeous blackberries.
Since the market was almost over, the berries were on sale and we bought two pints. We used them as a topping later.



When you have food, you need something to drink and today at the thrift store (at 75% off), I found just the right vehicles for my tea, Wedgewood on the left and Helichrysum on the right (both English bone china.) Oddly enough, a china cup makes an enormous difference.


Feel free to stop by. There are plenty of blackberries left and I have lots of tea choices.


What fun!! Yesterday was my first foray into the world of selling chèvre to a restaurant and setting up the encounter myself. How did I get to this place from four years of teaching high school PE, a few years of working at a health and fitness club, a time of demonstrating equipment at a Sharper Image, doing personal training for about sixteen years while also home schooling our two girls through high school? This was nothing I’d ever imagined doing. (more…)