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The generally preferred method of taking macro photos is with a macro lens, unless you’re carrying a camera with a telephoto lens for bird photos. In that case, the preferred method of taking macros is from about 6′. 🙂 That’s what happens at the Preserve unless I’m taking my photos with my phone. In this case, think telephoto at a distance. Welcome to Monday.

I’m late to the party this week because we spent the entire day yesterday in Yellowstone National Park (or driving the 3 1/2 hours there or back.)  I took rather a lot of pictures there, but haven’t had time to organize or get them ready to post, as we didn’t get back to the cabin until 1:30 am this morning (Tuesday.)  But I did have my post ready for this week’s challenge and I’ll try to get to everyone else’s photos over the next few days.

If you take pictures with an i-Thingy or any non-iPhone phone, feel free to see what the week’s theme is and join in.  The theme, and most pictures, are posted on Monday, but you can join in any time until the following Monday.  As usual, my photo is unedited.  If you’d like to view the other entries, just click here.