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This week’s story is based on a lovely picture by Susan Wenzel.  For more stories based on this picture, please visit or click on the link at the end of the story.  You’ll be amazed at the variety and talent.

Legendary love

We met walking the beach, both searching for signs of life in tiny eddies and pools.  Her dark hair glistened in the mist as we talked, her body sleekly beautiful, attractive as her mind and humor, her bark of laughter.

We met daily, accompanied by the sounds of the sea, the keening of the wind.  Growing closer, making plans, living life.

I came to find only footprints disappearing near the sea into some flattened sand, a few short, dark  hairs next to a perfect shell, the two mirrored halves lightly joined.  And I remembered the legend of the  selkie.


“Hurry!”  His voice grew more urgent.  “Much longer and it will begin to live again!”

I plunged the knife into the beautiful, silvery body and began to saw.  The hacking blade made a noise like a rusty zipper, juddering through the alligator-like skin.  A putrid stench filled my nostrils.  I reached into the body for the essence of the creature’s life.  Shuddering, I pulled it out and tossed it aside, where it caught on some desiccated grape vines, the quivering viscous globules looking like mutant grubs.

My voice determinedly resolute, I asked, “Do I really have to eat it?”


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Relentless sun.

……A watering ban??  What about my flowers & lawn?!!

….The AC runs constantly.  What about my electric bill?

….Pivot’s still bringing up water from the well but the crops are struggling.  What if the well runs dry?  How will we pay the mortgage, buy our food, feed our animals?  We could lose the farm.

….We trek to the well again but there are so many people, so little clean water.  The children cry from thirst, though we give them all we can.  What if the well runs dry?  What about our children?  What about us?


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Lakeside for our evening walk, we see him in the garden, engendering life, whatever the weather.  (more…)

copyright Roxann Phillips

copyright Roxann Phillips

Look alive.  Here comes a buzzard.

Basta!!  You see me (looking dramatic in B&W, I think) and I know what you imagine: death, evil, decaying  flesh. (more…)